Senior Backend PHP Developer

Athens, Attica, Greece · Research & Development


Do you consider yourself a great PHP developer? A _star_ developer maybe? Then, how would you like working for a company that:

Epignosis is an engineering company. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills, ready to take on high technological challenges and make an impact on thousands of users. Epignosis engineers not only revolutionize eLearning, they constantly work on large-scale applications and eLearning services for thousands of customers around the world. From eFront to TalentLMS and then TalentCards, Epignosis engineers are providing exciting eLearning experiences to the users, one technological achievement after another.

As a member of our development team, you’ll work on an advanced PHP codebase, helping us further expand our industry-leading eLearning platforms and build new innovative online training solutions.

Join us and become part of a vibrant, focused and technically minded team, responsible for developing and supporting high traffic and high-performance eLearning web services and applications.


Software Engineering: You will be trusted to design, implement, and maintain software projects, and to collaborate with our latte-sipping designers, front-end ninjas, reclusive sysadmins, and overly friendly support staff at every step of the software engineering process

Craftsmanship: You should be familiar with modern software development processes, best practices, and fads to avoid and be able to apply this knowledge to create efficient, robust, and maintainable applications and services

Refactoring: You will use your programming savvy to help us transform legacy code and services into modern, best-practices-following, API-based applications, and help us apply bleeding-edge architectures and processes

Requirements Gathering: You will be expected to understand the business aspects of the applications you work on, and help translate user requirements (including, but not limited to, vague descriptions of desired functionality) to technical specifications

Mentorship: As a senior PHP jedi, you’ll mentor junior apprentices to help steer them clear of the dark side of coding. You will be expected to teach and learn from others, and share your knowledge (and/or jokes and gossip) with your fellow developers


Senior pass: You need to have at least 5 years of proven professional experience as a PHP developer, preferably on enterprise-grade products, and several success and horror stories to tell (preferably more of the former). We also ask of a university degree in Informatics (but we’ll give you a chance to convince us why you should hire you without one)

Code Jedi Knighthood: You should have very high standards in terms of code quality, reusability, testability and maintainability, as well as solid OOP knowledge. Like a Jedi, you should quickly understand what needs to be done, and when ― and be able to do it effectively. Bonus points if you know Yoda Conditions (or why 1 == $var is better than $var == 1).

Need for speed: You should feel comfortable designing and implementing high-performance applications (whether RESTful or restless), and know how to profile, refactor, and improve slow code.

Unabashed by BASH: You should have a good working knowledge of the Linux command line, GitHub, open source tools, and the PHP standard library and ecosystem. Bonus points if you know a certain “composer” that doesn’t have anything to do with music.

Relationship status: You should have a committed relationship to SQL and relational concepts, know how to avoid common performance and security pitfalls, and be able to relate to Mysql and MariaDB databases. Bonus points if you know what normal forms are and when it’s best to ignore them.


We’re a diverse group of smart, fun and GIF-loving professionals working in offices around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Greece, and Cyprus!

Join us, won’t you?

You’ll enjoy perks and benefits that make you more productive at work and contribute to your professional development, including:

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